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Discover everything you need to know about Audio Only with our helpful FAQ guide.

Why was the need for Audio Only launched?

Audio Only was launched due to the shift towards audio streaming for music consumption. With more than 50% of new songs being discovered through artist pages, recommendations, playlists, and social media and media influencers, we wanted to create a platform solely dedicated to showcasing genuine music talent and breaking new artists. The focus is on experimenting with new sounds and genres through Audio Only, providing a unique and unforgettable experience for music lovers.

How will Audio Only benefit the industry?

The launch of Audio Only benefits the music industry by providing a platform that focuses on musicality and genuine talent. It allows for the release of great music with talented artists, breaking new artists and experimenting with new sounds and genres, creating a more diverse and vibrant music industry.

How can musicians apply?

Musicians can apply by sending an email to anr@tmmusic.in. This email address is open to all emerging talents as well.

Only emerging talent can apply?

No, Audio Only will not only feature new talent. The platform is open to both new and established musicians who are interested in experimenting with their music and reaching out to new audiences. Established musicians may use Audio Only as a way to keep their connection alive with their existing audience while also tapping into new audiences.

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